Considering Becoming Self Employed or Starting A Business

Executives, Managers and Professionals, Becoming Self Employed or Starting a Business is the Way to a New Future

Ten or twenty years ago, becoming self employed or starting a business was something other people did. After all, why bother when you had a good job in the corporate world with strong career prospects and a nice pension to look forward to.

But corporate life has changed since then.

Outsourcing, globalisation, financial scandals, the credit crunch and new regulations are just a few of the threats that are making the future of big business uncertain. No longer is there ‘a job, or even a career for life’, now anyone at any level, from the lowest to the highest, is all too vulnerable to corporate change.

So nowadays, staying in the rat race means living on borrowed time, being required to meet ever tighter deadlines, having to deal with constant pressure and needing to produce more and more from less and less.

Meanwhile your experience, talents and expertise is increasing cramped by every more bureaucracy, organisational conformity. Your job and your career is increasingly becoming commoditised, and hence replaceable by technology or outsourcing.

If you are a corporate professional right now you are having a hard time and you know it.

These days becoming self employed and starting a business doesn’t seem so stupid anymore, which is why it’s becoming the first choice solution for many who are disillusioned with life in large organisations or those who after redundancy can’t imagine going back to the corporate rat race.

Perhaps you’ve thought about it as a way out for yourself, especially if ex-colleagues have already ‘escaped’, and become self employed, and you’re now seeing them making it on their own.

self employed

But even though you may know you need to do something different, you’ve probably found that the moment to leap never feels quite right. Or, perhaps you’ve never made the move because you’re not quite sure what you should do first to make it happen successfully and effectively.

However, deep down you know that if you don’t make some fundamental choices very soon, the best case scenario is that somehow you’ll manage to ‘dodge a bullet’ and keep your job.

But at what cost to your health and well-being?

On the other hand, in the ‘outside’ world, things are changing fast and for the better, as markets split into smaller and smaller niches, new opportunities are appearing that one-time executives and City employees are exploiting with great success, often using skills they gained in the corporate world.

Becoming Self Employed, or Starting a Business is something you can do too, especially now that the technological tools are available to establish business ventures with incredible speed and at minimum cost. Now even a cash-starved and part-time start-up can take on the world.

With just a computer and access to the Internet, you can build for yourself a highly successful international operation that even 5 or 10 years ago, would have been unthinkable. Now there’s no need to stick with out-dated business models, to open a shop, or invest heavily in stock or the machinery that makes it. These are new ways to create personal freedom and the financial independence and you should be tapping into them.

And though the skills you’ve learned in an old corporate role may not always be the ones you need now, they still will have equipped you in ways that can put you ahead of the competition.

Imagine what you could do if you put your mind to it!

So if becoming self employed and setting up on your own, or staring a business is beginning to appeal, then we can help you, just as we’ve helped many others who have taken the step away from big business into their own.

As specialist coaches, trainers and consultants we run workshops and coaching programmes that can equip you to escape the rat race and to take charge of your life for the better.

self employed

We’ll help you

  • Analyse your current situation
  • Identity your core talents and strengths
  • Look at your best business ideas and self employment opportunities
  • Equip you with new core skills to maximise them

And much much more …

All of this will prepare you to make the move from one-time corporate worker-bee to self employed, business owner, ‘new entrepreneur’, someone who can thrive in the world on their own terms, if this feels right for you and if this is what you chose to do right now.

Of course, taking the step to self employed independence can seem a hard thing to do, but it is a step that more and more corporate professionals, like you are seeing as the only way forward if they are to take back control of their lives, but still have a successful future.

Becoming Self Employed, or starting a business will be an exciting and rewarding journey, and you can take the first step on it right now by booking a 15 Minute Complementary Consultation to help you move forward. This consultation session is completely free and without obligation, so you really have nothing to loose. We will help you identify a plan of action to help you take control of your working life – leaving uncertainty, confusion and fear behind. A simple action that can be your spark for change.

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