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Why Chose The Corporate Escape™ Outplacement Support Services for your Company or Organisation?

Outplacement Services typically help individuals map out their career options, create CVs, prepare for interviews and develop job search strategies.

But in today’s competitive market place, where you need to stand out, to think outside the box, to plan your next professional move in an entrepreneurial way … that’s not enough.

And though some outplacement services may offer these ‘old solutions wrapped in new ways’, the reality is that the thinking patterns of the past are out-dated and no longer work.

Even recent online approaches solve only a small part of the problem and then only in the shorter-term.

So, unlike traditional outplacement support services, with their traditional thinking and traditional approaches, The Corporate Escape™ taps into more than three decades’ experience of its professional consultants, coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs.

And by constantly adapting, innovating and evolving our coaching and mentoring programmes to reflect this new working reality we have been able to create a new style Outplacement Services to meet the urgent need of the market.

And, because we come neither from HR or recruitment, we bring real ‘outside-the-box’ thinking to all that we do, which means that our Outplacement Support service will give you a definite competitive advantage in the marketplace.

So while we still offer the ‘core tools’ you would expect from an outplacement support service, we also ‘bring a passion and purpose into work’ that ‘ignites the spirit of enterprise’ in those we help, through live workshops, online webinars, ‘fast start solutions’, our own online platform, and programmes such as:

Our ethos is different

At The Corporate Escape™ we believe:

  • In equipping professionals to succeed in the world of work of tomorrow and by partnering with us you can be sure…
  • …In not repeating the past, but purposefully creating the future that we want to experience. This is the only way to develop true entrepreneurial leaders.
  • … that your employees will have the emotional resilience they need to shrug off setbacks.
  • … that their minds will be open to new possibilities that could take their professional lives in previously unthought-of, more successful and fulfilling directions.
  • … that they will possess the personal confidence and leadership capabilities needed to move their career forward with greater clarity, purpose and focus.
  • … that they will develop the ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ required to ‘get ahead of the game’.

And whether you’re a company or a large organisation, we can tailor our outplacement support to your particular circumstances and your budget.

Just take a look at The Corporate Escape™ range of Outplacement Services and coaching programmes we offer.

Read some of our clients’ stories and what others have said about us in their testimonials

So, if you’re looking for Outplacement Services that will offer you a definite competitive advantage call us on 0208 581 2437 to find out why partnering with us for your Outplacement Services will make all the difference to your people and your organisation.

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Written By The Corporate Escape Coach™
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