Do You Want to Escape the City? Are You Looking for More Career Options?

If you are you longing to escape the city and are open to explore other career options, this is for you …

You’re an experienced professional – a manager or executive – 40 plus, who’s been round the block a few times, and has been in the same industry now for a while. You know you’re good – resourceful and ambitious – but the road ahead is starting to look bumpy, very bumpy, now is the time to escape the city and expand your career options.

You started your career in a company that offered good career prospects and benefit packages, so you were happy to trade your time for money, the security of a good salary and the certainty of working for a solid organisation you knew they wouldn’t disappear overnight.

But today … you feel differently as the road looks no longer smooth or safe.

Escape the City
  • You’re feeling the effects of the credit crunch as your company downsizes around your ears. You still have a job, so you’re one of the lucky ones – at least some would say – but the reality is you’re working longer hours for the same money … often doing the work of others who used to sit alongside you, as well as your own. That means, no work/life balance for you.
  • You’re stressed and worried because you know it won’t be long until your name’s posted on the wall – redundant – and your job is outsourced to someone on the other side of the world, to be done at a fraction of the cost. So, when once you felt secure, now you’re feeling vulnerable, easily replaceable and it’s a nagging feeling that just won’t go away. You’ve always worked for someone else from the start, because that is what you were told you should do, but no longer is there a job for life and you know it.
  • All this is making you confused and resentful that after all your years of experience and effort you’re competing with newcomers who are willing to work longer and for less. You just can’t imagine continuing like this for the next 20 or 30 years – even if you could survive – these days all your aches, pains and tiredness are less imagined and ever more real.

And it’s not even as though you like your job that much any more. You’re constrained by conformity, blunted by corporate authority and ground down by unnecessary meetings.

You feel that your whole life has become work and then more work. Your values have changed and you’re no longer willing to jeopardise your personal life or your health for your corporate boss.

And so, you keep asking yourself: ‘what’s the point, if I’m as disposable as the chair that I sit on?’

It’s time to escape corporate. Its time to escape the city. Time for more career options. Time for a Plan B

And then you see your colleagues – friends – getting out of corporate life, doing their own thing, and doing well … and it’s making you think that if you don’t escape the city, you’ll be left behind – too old to work the corporate system, with your best years not even behind you.

You know what you need to do, but like many in the corporate world, you don’t know how.

But there is something you can do to make the jump without risking your job and do it in a way that will set you up for successwhatever you choose to do … and the truth is, there’s never been a better time to escape the city, and get out of the Corporate Rat Race.

And you’ll be in good company, with thousands of professionals recognising that employment is no longer the safe option and deciding it’s time to take control of their working lives, deciding to escape corporate.

Join thousands who Escape the City

But if you take action, you can be one of those professionals too, someone who adapts to the new working models that will position you ahead of the rest and help you navigate through uncertainty and not just survive, but thrive in a ever shifting economy. If you are prepared to change and learn new ways to move forward in your professional life, then you can swap a world of insecurity for a better one – beyond the corporate prison walls, you too can escape corporate, escape the city lifestyle.

But being in a transition between the old ways of thinking and the new ways of being and working can be frustrating and lonely. We understand how it feels to be ‘in between’, an understanding that we bring to the workshops and coaching programmes we provide for professionals like you – Executives, Managers and Professionals – who want to escape the corporate rat race and move towards a future life that’s new, exciting … a future that can be yours.

The Way Forward

By working together we can help you get clarity and direction and create for yourself a practical, step-by-step plan that will move you from where you are to where you want to be – whatever you want to do, you can escape the city, and make your corporate escape a reality.

Escape the City
  • We’ll inspire and motivate you to take action, but we’ll also equip you with the knowledge and insight you need to make the transition successfully and in a way that works for you, at a time that is right for you and which achieves the results you want.
  • We’ll will help and expand your thinking about the career options you have and how to use and leverage your existing skills, knowledge and expertise to best effect and for maximum return.
  • We’ll also help you create a greater vision for your life in our hi-tech, globalised world when there’s never been a better opportunity to connect with so many people and so many markets, simply, easily and cost-effectively. Today, you can reach a world-wide audience while remaining local giving you greater flexibility and freedom to find new ways of working that suit you and what you want to create.
  • We’ll teach you strategies and techniques that will save you time, money, effort and pain. How to leverage up your efforts so you get more from less, giving you control of your life with confidence and ease.
  • We’ll also show you how to increase your emotional resilience so you aren’t deflected by setbacks and unexpected events, but instead start seeing them as opportunities, because you know that you have what it takes to maximise them.
  • We’ll reveal to you that ‘time isn’t money’ and that ‘selling your hours’ as you do when you’re employed, is actually holding you back from true financial independence. Today you really can have a better life/work balance and still have the success, prosperity and fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

But moving from employed to self-employment requires a big shift both emotionally and in mindset, and getting the right support to do that successfully, to escape corporate , to escape the city lifestyle is crucial.

That’s why as Experienced Coaches, Trainers and Consultants we are specialists in helping professionals, managers and executives escape the corporate rat race and make that transition successfully – and having had to make professional transitions ourselves, (including being made redundant overnight), we know what it takes.

So, let us be the catalysts to help you break free of inertia and generate the momentum you need to reach ‘escape velocity’.

And the quicker you get the clarity and the direction you need to move forward, the faster your life will change, the sooner you will feel in control as you leave fear, uncertainty and confusion behind, and start to feel alive and excited about your future once again.

It will be an exciting and rewarding journey, and you can take the first step on it right now by booking a 15 Minute Complementary Consultation. This consultation session is completely free and without obligation, so you really have nothing to loose. We will help you identify a plan of action to help you take control of your working life – leaving uncertainty, confusion and fear behind. A simple action that can be your spark for change.

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