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Using Your Skills, Knowledge and Expertise to Succeed Afresh with a Career Change

If you’re an Executive, Manager or Professional, 40+ trying to work out what your next career move is, well life right now may not be quite what you hoped it would be at this stage.

You are probably looking for some good careers advice, thinking of career change, or at least a difference strategy to move your career forward.

When you started your career you were full of enthusiasm, yearning to go up the career ladder, and with ambitions to do certainly far more than ‘just get by’.

You wanted to embark on a professional adventure that you were going to enjoy, doing something you were good at and which would give you the flexibility and freedom that comes only from being in control of your own future.

But, if you’re like many others in your position right now, rather than fulfilling those dreams, your career is not working out how you expected. Without clarity about what to do next you are feeling terribly exposed. Many of the people you know and work with are in a similar position, so getting objective careers advice is not easy.

The typical up and down cycle of being in between jobs or careers is that life has turned more and more from feast to famine as once regular salary or clients have dissolved away, either because there is less work around, or its being passed onto low-cost online competitors from around the world who are bidding cheaply for projects that once were yours.

Very often it seems to you, that work’s just become a commodity where your experience and knowledge counts for very little.

career change

Not surprisingly, all this globalised outsourcing is making you feel, vulnerable, and replaceable. You can only see things getting worse as the new technologies spread making it easier for suppliers to enter the market.

Of course you tried all the ideas you get from standard careers advice, and you’ve tried to find new positions or clients on your own, but whatever you do, you just never seem to get the rewards your efforts deserve.

Consequently, your income’s taking a nose dive while your costs continually rise, squeezing your cash flow evermore.

So, you’re working longer hours just to stand still, with fewer and fewer time spent on yourself or with family and friends.

You can’t imagine going or working like this for the next 15 or 20 years, but what else can you do?.

Is it any wonder that you’re feeling exhausted, confused, even resentful that after all your years’ of experience and hard work, your investment in learning new skills, it all just feels like your really not getting nowhere.

You’re certainly not feeling valued, , and you certainly could do with some good careers advice and coaching with a difference.

Before you get steamrollered by events and new technology, you know you need to do something different, to find a new way of working, but you’re not sure what strategies and solutions you should be adopting to survive, let alone thrive.

Looking for a career change? And in this you’re not alone.

In fact, there are thousands of professionals like you who are also facing the same issues and concerns – and, having myself done four career changes, I understand the anxiety and confusion that feeling like this brings.

Not All Career Advice Is The Same

While most of these professionals just struggle on doing what they’ve always done, there are others who are succeeding, by getting the right careers advice, and by taking action to make a career change that improves their professional situation.

careers advice

And you can be like them by using our workshops and coaching programmes to help propel you to another level in your professional life.

Designed to provide you with an inspirational, information-rich and supportive environment, our training can help you take the actions you need, give you the right career direction that will enable you to create for yourself a new revitalised future, one where you, not others, are in control.

From the knowledge and insights that our training will give you, you will be able to leverage your experience and expertise not just to establish yourself as a ‘go to’ expert in your field, but also continually develop the new skills you need to strengthen that position still further.

Thorough our workshops and training programmes, we can help you find new ways to use technology, provide you with career direction so that you maximise the Internet’s global power while still remaining a ‘local presence’ to whom customers are naturally drawn.

By working with us, you will be able to build the emotional resilience you need to shrug off your business challenges so you recover quickly from setbacks and unexpected events, ready and prepared to seize the countless opportunities that will inevitably come your way – when you learn to see what is around you.

We will also liberate you from the ‘time for money’ model of business thinking by helping you uncover multiple streams of income that are just waiting for you to develop.

We will also help you create a step-by-step plan that will provide you with a new clarity, purpose and direction, and which will release your current mindset from the constraints that have held you back. Is not your typical run of the mill career advice, instead its what you need to get ahead in an ever changing world.

What Will This Careers Advice Mean To You

All this means, we can stop you having to struggle and help you discover a new clarity of direction and purpose that will enable you to really start building for yourself a new and more prosperous future where you are the one who controls your life, just as we’ve helped many other professionals find or redefine their direction and small business owners transform their business futures.

It will be an exciting and rewarding journey, and you can take the first step to look at your career options or how to go about a career change right now by booking a 15 Minute Complementary Consultation. This consultation session is completely free and without obligation, so you really have nothing to loose. We will help you identify a plan of action to help you take control of your working life – leaving uncertainty, confusion and fear behind.

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