Being Made Redundant

Are you a Professional, Manager or Executive Having Been Made Redundant?
Are you in Between Jobs Looking to Get Back on Track Fast?
Good, Because You’re in the Right Place.

Remember when things were going well – you were experienced, always in work and established in a company you’d been with for years.

Then along came the Credit Crunch, Globalisation, Outsourcing, the Technology Squeeze, Sovereign Debt Austerity, the Euro Crunch, QE Tapering, and who knows what else. Now you find yourself being made redundant.

Whatever it was, the result was the same … you were, or are being let go.

Your initial idea was to get another job quick, But Now, weeks, perhaps months, after your redundancy, your initial optimism has turned to worry as potential employers haven’t been beating a path to your door.

Understandably you feel trapped, stuck in your present situation where getting a new job gets ever harder. You know it’s no good just waiting, you need to take action otherwise you become another made redundant unemployment statistic.

made redundant

You can send out all the CVs you want, you may even get a few ‘hits’, but that’s all, because what used to work no longer does. But you’re not sure what to do differently.

In any event, now you’re just part of a big and ever growing made redundant crowd, just one among thousands all doing exactly the same thing, competing against youngsters who will do your job for less. And, that’s making you feel marginalised as every day you get older and demand for your skills falls even lower.

You know you’re still good, redundancy does not change that, but others just don’t see it that way and when employers are reluctant to hire professionals who’ve been made redundant and have been out of work for six months or more, the clock is ticking faster and faster as experience doesn’t even keep you in the game, you’re competing on age and price and you’re losing.

Of course, you know you’re operating to an ‘old’ working model and that you have to learn different approaches to work and to do old things in new ways afresh but, for the moment you’re still stuck in an inflexible organisational mindset that leaves you uncertain as to what to do and how.

And now, your savings are going down and down as your costs go up and up, and you’re getting worried because you know that if things go on this way you’ll have to downsize or even move … something you don’t even want to think about.

You know you can’t carry on like this, as every day moves you further from what you want most: finding another job quickly or having the clarity to know if going self-employed is the best way to leverage your existing skills, knowledge and expertise to maximum advantage.

Don’t Let Being Made Redundant Get to You

So, being made redundant has left you feeling lost and confused about what next do, especially as the support you really need hasn’t been there. You feel lost by what has happened that you can’t even talk about it. Tension’s growing at home as you feel resentful, isolated and stressed. All this is affecting your self-esteem and confidence you feel replaceable, let down, ‘not good enough’ and already forgotten by the system. All that uncertainty is now holding you back, unable to move forward because of the fear that keeps you awake at night and paralysed through the day.

The good news is that today there is specialised help through our workshops, training programmes, products and service, all specifically designed to not just get you back on track, but heading in an even better, more satisfying and successful direction, leaving the world of being made redundant behind you.

My name’s Maite Baron and I’ve had the experience of being made redundant at 28, I’ve also changed career four times myself, I know your anxiety and confusion. That is why, together with my team of highly experienced coaches, consultants, and trainers , we are well able to help Executives, Managers, and Professionals like you. Experienced, Talented people who have been knocked off course and now need a new start.

And, because we understand how it feels to be in your situation, we can offer the support  you actually need, not just ‘stereotyped’ and generalist advice.

By working together we’ll:

  • Help you achieve clarity of direction about what you want to do next in your life.
  • Expand your vision and shift your thinking so you can move on from the past and towards a future that’s better, more exciting and above all, one where you are in control.
  • Find the talents, gifts and skills that you possess and will differentiate you from others and make you stand out.
  • Discover your life’s purpose so that you can open a fresh chapter in your life and pursue a new dream with passion.
  • Build a detailed, step-by-step action plan that will enable you to create your desired results in an organised and joined up fashion.

Remember, every time you take action to make things better, that’s a moment when you’re able to claim more power for yourself, but that only comes by taking action, while the longer you do nothing the worse things will become.

See this as your opportunity to move forward in a more fulfilling direction – why give a corporate organisation control over your life by waiting for one of them to give you a job, only to end up being made redundant again, especially when they are being tossed from one financial crisis to another, and no longer a safe haven for anyone?

Why not take charge of your destiny and create for yourself a different future?

And now’s an ideal time. There is an now an increasing trend for Executives, Managers and Professionals taking control of their lives and leaving the past of corporate employment behind, where new pathways are being redefined. Through our workshops and coaching programmes, our products and services we can show you how to move forward with your professional life in a way that feels right for you, your skills and experience and your own personal circumstances. Having the right support can make all the difference between remaining stuck or achieving fulfilment in your professional life and leaving redundancy behind you.

So Start By Taking Action Now

If you have not already done so Download the following free resources :-

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Have you been made redundant
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Have you been made redundant

And if You Really Want to Start Making This Happen

Take the first step right now and Book one of our 15 minute complementary consultation sessions. Its an opportunity for you talk over your situation, discover new possibilities, and work out what could be next for you. We will help you identify a plan of action for you to take control of your working life – leaving uncertainty, confusion and fear behind. These consultation sessions are completely free and without obligation, so you have nothing to loose.

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