Our Clients and Who We Work With

We Work with Executives and Professionals in Transition who Need to Plan The Next Chapter in their Professional Life

We support you as you identify and achieve your vision and goals for today and for the future, helping you to assess the options and opportunities available to you, and to explore how your existing skills and experience can help you shape a new life. We help you through all stages: from getting clarity about what comes next, creating a step-by-step plan of action, and through the implementation of your plan for achieving the success you deserve and want.

For some this professional transition is about escaping the frustrations of corporate life either by finding a better job in a company or organisation where they can achieve a better life/work balance or by becoming self-employed ; for others who have been made redundant, or are in between jobs or careers, it is about discovering ‘What is next?’

With The Executive Corporate Escape™ (also known as The Exec Corporate Escape™) side also we work alongside HR Directors to find solutions that support those executives they let go as companies downsize, restructure or merge. We create and deliver The Executive Corporate Escape™ ( also described as The Exec Corporate Escape™) outplacement programmes that empower and direct soon-to-be redundant professionals, enabling them to take decisive and purposeful new action.

Working together through The Executive Corporate Escape™ (also known as The Exec Corporate Escape™) we help them bridge the skills gap and develop the ‘entrepreneurial edge’ that’s increasingly needed to better match their knowledge, expertise and experience to the roles on offer and being able to secure those better positions.

We have supported hundreds of professionals, from all around the world, who have been faced with fundamental challenges in their personal, professionals and/or business life, and who were looking for effective and efficient strategies and solutions to allow them to overcome these challenges and achieve successful outcomes.

So take a look at our programmes and workshops, and let us help you move forward in the right way for you.

Our Client and Who We Work With

Written By The Corporate Escape Coach™
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