The 5 Keys To Help You Take Control Of Your Working Life™ - Leaving Uncertainty, Confusion and Fear Behind'

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'The 5 Keys To
Help You Take Control
Of Your Working Life™ -
Leaving Uncertainty,
Confusion and Fear Behind'

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Corporate Escape: The Rise of The New Entrepreneur



If you’re feeling stuck in an organisation, or are a professional in transition who wants to live with prosperity and purpose, this is a book you need to read.

Get Clarity About Your Professional Future and Take Control of Your Professional Life

At The Corporate Escape™ we believe that to move forward and embrace the future of work you need to leave mediocrity behind. So we help executives and professionals discard their previous ‘black and white’ existence, their old ways of working and corporate thinking that no longer meet the real needs of the modern world of work.

With our support, we can make sure that you as a professional in transition can realise your aspirations in a way that brings you greater fulfillment and prosperity.

So, if you’re an experienced executive or professional feeling disillusioned and frustrated, trapped in a job you no longer like or want to do, we can help you explore alternatives to working in old-style corporate roles, ones that will enable you achieve the success you deserve and want.

We believe that if you’re 40+, with over 10 years behind you, your knowledge, skills and expertise shouldn’t be lost within the corporate machine or allowed to ‘leak away’ through redundancy, when you’ve the capacity to create for yourself a richer, more fulfilling life in any way that feels right for you.

That’s why at The Corporate Escape™ and The Executive Corporate Escape™ (also described as The Exec Corporate Escape™) we don’t work with graduates or market newcomers, only experienced executives, managers and professionals looking to create the professional life they’ve always wanted but have never yet experienced.

Because we also believe that for many professionals the future of work lies in becoming self-employed or setting up on your own, our aim isn’t to find you another job, but to equip you with a new mindset and developing new skills that will lead you to entrepreneurial success.

And since, this ‘entrepreneurial mindset’, once learned, becomes a transferable skill, even if you decide to find another job you will see yourself and what you have to offer as more valuable, and that will make you stand out from the rest.

So, whether you want to find a different job in an organisation whose culture better suits your talents, skills and values or if you feel the moment’s right to become a self-employed consultant, a business owner or a ‘New Entrepreneur’ – the post-corporate employee who’s living life on your terms – we can help.

Use The Corporate Escape™ and The Executive Corporate Escape™ to Your Advantage

We know it can be hard to leave a world you’ve known for so long, but with our support you can make a successful escape from the corporate walls, doing something that feels right for you, and without compromising the values that matter to you most. At The Corporate Escape™ we can give you:

  • Fresh ideas and options. When you’ve been imprisoned in the corporate world for so long, it’s easy to miss the opportunities that are available to you and which right now you’re not even aware of. We will expand your thinking and shift your current mindset so you not only can see them, but make the most of them.
  • The courage to act. Without action nothing happens, but we can give you the impetus you need, not only to get started on a new venture, but to keep going with it. The biggest thing you have to overcome is your own fear of change and we can help you do that by working with you to create a crystal clear vision of your professional future and a step-by-step plan for achieving it.
  • The support you need, when you need it. Because we know that things don’t always go to plan, our services, workshops and coaching programmes help keep you on track.

And whilst at The Corporate Escape™ and The Executive Corporate Escape™ ( also describved as The Exec Corporate Escape™) we are all for taking decisive action, we also understand that major transitions in professional life have to be planned and executed in a step-by-step manner. That means not being rash or impulsive but ‘playing smart’ so you’re properly prepared and ready to achieve the most rewarding results. This is all about creating new options, making the right decisions and seizing your opportunities with confidence.

A Wealth of Valuable Resources

So if you’re not sure what to do next in your professional life, if you’re already being made redundant or between careers, or just know instinctively that it’s time to get out, this website is the perfect place for you to be. To support you in the best way possible, we offer a wide range of services, from reports and guides, to webinars, short workshops and coaching- consultancy-training programmes. See our services here.

The Maite Barón® Difference

At the heart of The Corporate Escape™ and The Executive Corporate Escape™ ( also described as The Exec Corporate Escape™) is Maite Barón, internationally acclaimed as ‘The Corporate Escape Coach™’ who, with over 14 years of experience working in executive coaching, career transition, leadership development, business consultancy and training, is able to bring a unique perspective to supporting professionals at some of the most important moments in their lives.

Working with Maite is Technology Director Keith Grafton, who, with more than 20 years experience in software developent and systems architect for major investment banks, ensures that The Corporate Escape™ and The Executive Corporate Escape™ sides are constantly developing innovative technical approaches to better support our clients in today’s global economy, wherever they are in the world.

At The Corporate Escape™ we sit at the intersection of entrepreneurship, creating social change and personal development. We support professionals in transition take control of their working life by leaving uncertainty, fear and confusion behind. Ultimately we prepare executives and professionals for the Future of Work.

“Nothing makes us more excited than using our skills and knowledge to enhance the lives of others so they can achieve their true potential. And having helped hundreds of professionals in retail, communications, finance and consumer goods find a new direction, we know we can do that for you too. So why not find out what the next chapter of your life could be like?

Get started by downloading your free resources in this page and let us set you on an exciting path towards your greater prosperity, fulfilment and freedom.

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