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The Corporate Escape™ – Outplacement Services with a Difference

The Corporate Escape™ prepares professionals for success in the modern business world by equipping them with the entrepreneurial skills, mindset, EQ, social capital and focus they need to find new jobs and careers, or even change professional direction entirely.

As ‘entrepreneurial consultant coaches’, at The Corporate Escape™ we specialise not just in change processes, career and working transitions, leadership development, NLP training solutions, but also in helping professionals lay the foundations for thriving independent businesses outside the corporate world.

Spanning consultancy, coaching, facilitation, mentoring and training our services provide a refreshing and innovative alternative to what is currently available from traditional HR consultancies in the outplacement market.

Comprehensive and wide-ranging, our services offer our clients the exceptional support they need to gain real competitive advantage … whatever they choose to do in future.

Available one-to-one or for groups, they can be delivered either ‘live’ or, embracing the latest technology, ‘virtually’ which means that wherever you have people doing business, we can provide the coaching and help that’s needed unrestricted by geography, logistics, or budget.

In this way we are pioneering the future of work.

Traditional outplacement services are failing

Our experience and innovative, ‘outside the box’ approach means our outplacement services go beyond those provided by traditional outplacement consultants and coaches.

So whatever your requirement, we can offer end-to-end solutions from initial planning onwards, that will meet it.

This means that we’re able to help professionals, managers, CEOs and C-suite executives not just plan their career options, … but go much further, where traditional methods alone no longer work.

And, unlike standard consultancies run by ex-corporate managers and those who used to working in HR, our team consists of consultants, coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs – which means we bring fresh thinking and new perspectives to our outplacement programmes.

Outplacement programmes that really are fit for purpose

So we don’t look to just ‘recreate the past’, but rather aim to ‘ignite an inner spirit of enterprise’ by developing entrepreneurial thinking, shifting mindsets, growing their emotional intelligence and building social capital so professionals and executives become much better equipped and ready for a future where being in work is being in business.
That creates very different results indeed.

Since we understand this new business environment, at The Corporate Escape™ we don’t just give people ‘some tools’ and push them automatically towards another job no matter what. Instead, we make sure that they identify the professional life that they actually want, and then help them to achieve it.

By using our outplacement services, your let go employees will be able to:

  • Find a similar job to the one they’re leaving, if they want to stay in the corporate world.
  • Retrain in a way that will better equip them for a future role, so they can explore new avenues within the sector that they know.
  • Change their career direction entirely, should they want to succeed in another area of commerce altogether.
  • Retire, or at least consider the possibility, with much greater confidence and in a planned and controlled manner.
  • Become self-employed, taking advantage of the wealth of opportunities that technology has created to establish and build a highly successful niche business.

Outplacement programmes for the real world … and beyond

By using the potential of technology to the full, we’re able to provide a range of in-depth, innovative and transformational outplacement programmes that will benefit individuals and groups at every level of your organisation, whoever they are, wherever they are. So we offer:

We offer:

The Corporate Escape – Talent Into Enterprise™ Group Programme for Professionals: The most cost-effective solution when larger groups of up to 50 are involved, though this is a programme that still remains firmly fixed on individuals and their careers and aspirations.
The Corporate Escape – Talent Into Enterprise™ Group Platinum Programme for Senior Executives: More highly focused, this programme is tailored to smaller groups of up to 10, homing in on participants’ exact needs and then equipping them with the appropriate skills, so they make the fastest progress possible towards their new goals.
The Corporate Escape – Talent Into Enterprise™ Private Platinum Programmes for Senior Executives and Professionals : A one-to-one programme geared to meeting the very specific transitional requirements of those high-level personnel and board directors looking to identify their next career move and prepare for it successfully.

From two-day to one-week ‘intensive immersions’, through to on-going three-, six-month and year-long programmes, we can tailor our services for length, intensity, format and content so they meet the particular demands of individuals, executives, groups and organisations.

Because we are committed to our participants’ success, whichever programmes you choose, we are always available to provide support and encouragement should participants lose focus or motivation.

This all makes The Corporate Escape™ an outplacement services provider that can deliver a clear and definite competitive advantage in the future world of work, to both participants in our programmes and the organisations that engage us.

Success built on experience

We measure our success not just in terms of our clients finding a job, but more importantly, finding the ‘right’ job, or better still, helping them to create their ‘perfect’ job by starting their own business, whatever form that may take.

And because we believe in helping create businesses and organisations that leave behind a legacy, surviving and thriving, for us, bringing passion and purpose into the workplace isn’t an option but an ‘absolute must’.

The Corporate Escape’s outplacement services encapsulate more than 14 years’ experience of leadership consultant and executive coach Maite Barón® in professional transition, leadership development and change process, in many sectors and across all organisational levels. Her coaching, training and consulting skills have been called upon by major UK and European companies.Together with Technology Director, Keith Grafton this enables our clients to benefit from over three decades of knowledge and expertise.

Find out how we can help

So call us on 0208 581 2437 for more information or to arrange an information-rich talk on how we can give those leaving your company a real competitive advantage outside it.

Or if you prefer, just fill in the form below, and we’ll come back to you promptly. Your enquiry will always be treated in the strictest confidence.

We are here to make a difference.

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