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The Corporate Escape – Talent Into Enterprise™ Bespoke Platinum Programmes for Executives and Professionals

At The Corporate Escape™ we believe in executives and professionals creating their own business, becoming independent leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s probably something most ambitious, resourceful, determined executives have already considered at some time … but we can help them make that a reality by leveraging their talents, skills and experience to create a highly successful enterprise.

We’re particular specialists in achieving this for executives, managers and professionals aged over 40 who want to move on from the corporate world but aren’t sure how.

So, for older executives and senior managers not altogether comfortable with the ‘one size fits all’ outplacement service they’re currently being offered our tailored Talent Into Enterprise™ Programmes will be a breath of fresh air.

  • TCE -Talent Into Enterprise™ Private Platinum Programme
  • is one-to-one bespoke programme that meets the very specific transitional requirements of executives, high-level professionals and board directors looking to become successful business owners as fast and as smoothly as possible. The Private Platinum Programme fits around agendas and preferences and by homing in on specific issues, knowledge gaps and goals equips participants with the exact set of skills they need for entrepreneurial success.

  • TCE –Talent Into Enterprise™ Group Platinum Programme for Senior Executives
  • Intended for small groups of up to 10, this programme is perfect when several executives are leaving the same organisation at or near the same time. While this programme can’t be adjusted to individual agendas, as dates for each module are fixed, it has the advantage of offering the added dynamic that comes only through small group interaction and peer support. This option is more bespoke than our Talent Into Enterprise™ Group Gold Programme, which caters for larger groups.

    The Corporate Escape – Talent Into Enterprise™ Platinum Programmes Enables Executives and Professionals to Feel Liberated, in Control of Their Professional Lives and Excited About Their Future.

    For executives and senior managers who are 40+ and used to taking the lead and making significant decisions, being let go from the organisation they’ve worked long and hard for can be particularly challenging. For them, our Talent Into Enterprise Platinum Outplacement Programmes™ offer particular advantages.

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    To find out more about any of our outplacement programmes call The Corporate Escape™ on 0208 581 2437 or fill in the form below with your questions or requirements and we’ll come back to you promptly.

    Your enquiry will always be treated in strictest confidence. We are here to help you succeed on your terms.

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