We Are The City : Why ‘Business as Usual’ is Not the Best Route to a Fulfilling Life

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Why ‘Business as Usual’ is Not the Best Route to a Fulfilling Life

Why ‘Business as Usual’ is Not the Best Route to a Fulfilling Life

Business as usual activities make up the fabric of our lives – they are the things you do every day to get by. At home, you cook, shop or watch television. At work, you write emails, answer phone calls and have meetings. You catch the train, buy a coffee, choose a sandwich for lunch – all business as usual. None of it sets your world on fire, and it certainly consumes much of your time.

Business as Usual Projects, on the other hand, bring something new and different to your life. They take you beyond the usual and the everyday. At work they might encompass setting up a new marketing campaign, developing a new process, or creating a new area of business entirely. At a personal level, a project could be learning a new language, redesigning your garden, getting fit, writing a book, starting a business, preparing yourself for a promotion – unlike business as usual, the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, because business as usual takes up so much of your time, you are missing out on the benefits of introducing something new and different into your life..

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