Corporate Escape The Rise of The New Entrepreneur

Corporate Escape | The Rise Of The New Entrepreneur | An Amazon Bestseller and a Multi-Award-Winning Book

If you’re feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, stuck in an organisation that’s sucking your life away then you need a Corporate Escape, and this is a book you need to read. If you want to live with prosperity and purpose, certainly this is a have to read.

Through innovative strategies, though provoking stories, insightful case studies and action-focused exercises, Corporate Escape will enable you to develop the mindset and effectiveness of ‘a New Entrepreneur’ – the post-corporate employee equipped with the skills, ambition and emotional resilience to survive and thrive on your own, whatever the direction you choose.

So, whether you’re looking to embark on a new career, overcome redundancy, draw on your experience to set up or grow your business, or take on a more personal challenge, Corporate Escape will put you back in control of your life and your future.

And now is the perfect time to leave the corporate world behind, with ‘big business’ no longer a passport to safety or security.

What Others Say About The Book

“Personal, full of integrity and support, I loved this book because it talked to me through ideas that resonated, especially now that I’ve escaped the corporate world.”

Heidi Jung, Small Business Owner, Hünstetten (Germany)

“This book is direct, daring, bold, energetic, motivating, and entertaining. It’s for you if you aren’t happy at work, but don’t yet have the courage to change.”

Manuel Grau, Dermatologist, Valencia (Spain)

“Written with a passion that shines through on every page – the message here is clear, you can move beyond conformity and mediocrity, if you choose.”

Paul Dorian, Risk Manager, Viena (Austria)

You can read more reader’s raving reviews and also some media coverage here.

It’s time to make the leap – before you’re pushed!

About Maite Baron | Multi-Award winning Author

Maite Baron Author of Corporate Escape The Rise of The New Entrepreneur

Maite Barón is ‘The Corporate Escape Coach‘ and co-founder of the Corporate Escape Foundation® ;’Business with Heart & Soul’. Her mission is to bring passion and meaning back into the workplace and help those who are unhappy and disillusioned with corporate life find a way forward to achieve prosperity and success to their lives, and on their terms.

Maite speaks five languages, works internationally and is based in London.


Written By The Corporate Escape Coach™

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