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Maite Baron® Informative, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

From keynote speeches through to business presentations and shorter talks at breakout sessions, I can provide a ‘maverick’ take on professional career transition, escaping corporate life and developing courageous leadership.

My background supporting leaders and individuals from all walks of professional life, as well as those who cross the great divide and begin new lives, ensures my speeches are informative, inspirational and motivational. 

Here’s just one comment about my speaking style:

Maite is a very clear and concise speaker, with a warm and positive approach. She delivers with confidence and an essence of calm that captures and holds her audience’s attention.

E Davies, Associate Director, Faculty of Art & Design, Richmond School of Art, London

I can provide you with either an ‘off the shelf’ talk or one tailored to specific issues or areas of your choice and interest.

These are My Areas of Expertise

Change – I help those in transition move successfully and effectively from where they are to an alternative future.
Empowerment – I enable my clients to feel free, alive, in control of their lives and excited about what lies ahead.
Entrepreneurship – I encourage others to become independent professionals by setting up their own business ventures outside the corporate organisation.
Leadership – I stimulate and develop the innate leadership qualities that are so necessary for success.
Managing change – I provide the support and encouragement that enables executives and experienced professionals to navigate successfully even the most radical shift in their professional and personal lives.
Motivation – I inspire others to take the action needed to achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions.
Performance – I coach those looking to develop as individuals to ever higher levels of personal and professional performance.
Talent management – I ensure that the skills and talents of my clients are directed towards helping them achieve their maximum potential.

And if you’re looking for ideas, here are some topics to get started and which can be adapted to your particular needs.

Engaging Talks – New Perspectives

If you have an audience who you don’t think will want to hear ‘the same old speech’ again, here are some new angles to grab the corporate attention and the heart of executives and professionals in transition.


Corporate Escape: the Rise of the New Entrepreneur

A talk based on Award winner Corporate Escape: the Rise of the New Entrepreneur book This talk is based on Maite Barón’s Amazon’s bestseller, a 2014 Nautilus Award winner for Inner Prosperity | Right Livelihood and a 2013 Readers’ Favorite Gold Award winner for Motivation. The concepts, philosophy and ideology behind Corporate Escape:the Rise of […]

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The Time of the Silver Entrepreneur – Mining Mature Talent

The age of the older entrepreneur is upon us. Filled with knowledge and a desire to create, their experience has the potential to add real value to our economy. Too many experienced executives and professionals are being consigned to the corporate waste bin by redundancy, and society needs to find new ways to tap into […]

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corporate escape- the rise of the new entrepreneur

Why Leaders Leave – Unfulfilled Employees present Organisations with a Talent Drain

Cutting the workforce through redundancy is bad enough, but when the people you need to keep don’t want to stay, you have a problem. The reality is that, in a world of infinite possibilities, where bureaucracy and mediocrity reign supreme, it’s no wonder so many talented individuals leave corporate life for greener pastures. Organisations wanting […]

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Entrepreneurial Employees

Building Visionary Organisations by Developing Entrepreneurial Employees

Many corporate organisations continue to live in the past by ignoring the talent pool within their walls, and not appreciating that their employees aren’t just cogs in the machine, but an invaluable entrepreneurial resource that can be released for the good of the company. So why are most large companies still doing so little to […]

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Value-Economics – the New Organisational Capital

The corporate organisation is now a battleground, as old ‘profit at all costs’ values clash with a growing desire among many for a more ethical approach to business. Is this the catalyst that will create a generation of ‘New Entrepreneurs’, independent professionals ready to leave the rat race and set up new businesses where profits […]

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Mastering the Art of Courageous Leadership – Helping Professionals Thrive in Changing Times

In today’s fast changing global environment, traditional leadership is in crisis. What used to work no longer does, and the idea is challenged that only those in positions of power are “leaders”. Today, the modern corporate organisation needs leaders not just at the top, but right through its corporate DNA, at every level. In this […]

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new entrepreneur

From Chaos to Confidence – Helping Professionals Find Their Way Out of the Corporate World

The shifting sands of our ever-changing world can bring fear and loss of confidence, but not if you’re properly equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you. The latest developments in neuroscience offer fresh insight into how the mind can be trained to combat fear and be reprogrammed for greater success. Here’s how to […]

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The Contract Killing of Creativity – Finding a Way Out of Old Problems

The non-conformity of creativity means that many corporate organisations distrust it, for fear of losing control. So whenever innovation rears its non-standardised head, it’s soon killed off. But, in a constantly changing world, where flexibility and agility are prerequisites for success, are organisations that do this in danger of shooting themselves in the foot? Without […]

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