Group HotSpot Business Marketing Clinics

Ready for Your Business to Take Off?

Group HotSpot Business Marketing Clinics with Maite Baron ‘The Corporate Escape Coach™’.

These HotSpot Clinics are 90 minute and are the perfect boost for Start-ups, Self-Employed Professionals,‘New Entrepreneurs’ and Business Owners.

Are You :

  • Recently self-employed after working as a corporate employee?
  • A Freelancer or Contractor looking for new clients?
  • A ‘New Entrepreneur’ wanting to move your ideas forward fast?
  • A business owner looking to take your business to the next level?

When was the last time you promised yourselfto do something that would take your business to another level?

Last week? Last month? Last year?

Did it happen? Or are you still exactly where you were?

If so you are, then this is your chance to tap into something new that will make a real differenceHotSpot Business Marketing Clinics.

What is A HotSpot Business Marketing Clinic?

Once-monthly events run by Maite Baron ‘The Corporate Escape Coach™’ run under our umbrella or in partnership with our partners, where you can meet, share ideas with, support and learn from other Self-Employed Professionals, Freelancers, Contractors,’New Entrepreneurs’ and Business Owners.

For 90 Minutes you get to ask Maite questions about the challenges and issues you face in growing your business, how to market you business, how to get more clients, and just as valuable, you get to hear the answers Maite gives to the questions others ask.

What will you get out of them?

  • The opportunity to brainstorm ideas that will win you more clients and grow your business faster and more effectively.
  • Well-considered and thoughtful feedback on your products, services or concepts from existing and potential users, customers and clients.
  • Problem solving input and fresh perspective from others. Often we’re too close to see what needs to be done to un-stick a problem.
  • The chance to learn from a high-level coach and specialist.
  • More connections with like-minded professionals,’New Entrepreneurs’ and business owners. A great way to establish partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Informal group coaching in a supportive atmosphere that won’t leave you feeling exposed – your chance to ask questions and share experiences.

Who runs these Specialist HotSpot Business Marketing Clinics?

International business coach Maite Barón ‘The Corporate Escape Coach™’. Since 1999, Maite’s been helping corporate leaders and entrepreneurs leverage up their skills, talents and expertise to create a better business, and to grow personally and professionally.

In that time, she has worked in a wide range of sectors including financial services, consultancy, technology, retail and the media, and for clients like Reuters, LG Electronics, Carat Media, Colt Technologies, and Nestlé.

Today I’m using that wealth of knowledge enabling freelancers, contractors, the self-employed, ‘New Entrepreneurs’ and business owners to generate the spark that’s needed to drive them and their business forward.

“Maite is able to coach with laser-like abilities. She homes right in not only on your weaknesses, but also your strengths too and helps support you in your growth.”

What’s the format?

Just listen and learn from others, or actively participate. Any coaching will be done in a way that won’t leave you feeling exposed or uncomfortable, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions related to your own business situation.

What is the investment?

Book a Clinic for just £10 in this page.

Group HotSpot Business Marketing Clinic

What next?

Choose the dates that suit you best then BOOK your place at a HotSpot Business Marketing Clinic here. Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served, so don’t miss out, book NOW.

Start transforming your business today with Maite Baron ‘The Corporate Escape Coach™’ by coming at a HotSpot Business Marketing Clinic.

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