How to Escape The Escape Rat Race and Work Out What is Next

Plan your Corporate Escape with this FREE 60 min FREE Webinar:
How to Escape The Corporate Rat Race & Work Out What is Next

How to escape the Corporate rat race webinar is for you if you are :-

  • Working for an organisation but looking for another professional alternative
  • You are in between jobs or careers needing to work out what is next
  • You have just become self-employed and want to move forward fast.

If you’re fed up with being stuck in a corporate rut, worried that you’re about to lose your job, or can’t face having to work ever longer hours for an organisation that doesn’t care … then

It’s time to do something about planning your corporate escape and break free

And the good news is that it’s never been easier or a better moment to get out of the corporate rat race and to build a richer, more fulfilling future where you are the one who is in control.

You can take a first step towards that new-found freedom by booking your place at our corporate escape free webinarHow to Escape The Corporate Rat Race & Work Out What is Next. You can register in this page by choosing one of the scheduled dates.

This corporate escape webinar will provide you with invaluable insights and details about the process others have used to ‘jump ship’ before it was too late, and how to become self- employed.

By following their lead, you too can be like them, a post-corporate employee who isn’t merely surviving but thriving and all on their own terms, as a self-employed business owner, as a ‘New Entrepreneur’.

Think of what a new life outside the corporate world would mean to you:

  • No more daily commute eating into your ‘personal time’.
  • No more trying to meet impossible deadlines imposed by someone else.
  • No more having to be available 24/7, just one more ‘corporate resource’ to be used up.
  • How to Escape The Corporate Rat Race & Work Out What is Next, No more daily commute, No more trying to meet impossible deadlines.
  • No more dealing with constant stress that’s caused not by you but by others.
  • No more having to work at weekends just to keep on top of things.
  • No more attending countless, pointless meetings, that take up your time and where nothing’s decided.

This corporate escape webinar is presented by ‘The Corporate Escape Coach™’ Maite Barón and in it you will learn how to get ready to make the move safely and effectively away from corporate life.

You can book your place at How to Escape The Corporate Rat Race & Work Out What is Next in this page by choosing one of the scheduled dates.

In sixty information-rich minutes, you will learn how you can plan your corporate escape, get rid of your old corporate mindset and leverage up the skills and knowledge you already possess so you can do what you want to do.

Think of how your world would open up, if you broke free from your ‘corporate constraints’?

You could:

  • Take a planned career break, while you decide what to do next. This would give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries and refocus your life in a new and inspirational direction.
  • Start your own business by acting on that great idea you’ve had for ages. Thousands and thousands of ex-corporate professionals are doing just this, succeeding in niche sectors using new technologies to connect with vast international audiences and ‘wanting crowds’.There’s never been a better time to go out on your own.
  • Change your professional direction to one you’ve always dreamed of doing.  Just because you’ve started off down one career path doesn’t mean you have to stick to it for life.
  • Or, you could just take on a new personal challenge, that will transform your life. Have you ever wanted to travel? Set up a charity? Go on a writing trip? before is too late?

The choice is yours and whatever your choose, How to Escape The Corporate Rat Race & Work Out What is Next can help you make it happen.

Now there’s no need to stick with corporate life when you don’t have to, so join us on our webinar and discover practical techniques, powerful strategies and inspiring ways, that will help you break free.

During the webinar you’ll learn


  • Why you need to get out of the corporate rat race right now.
  • How your corporate skillset can put you ahead of the game in a world of niche markets.
  • Why you already have what it takes to break away from the supposed comfort of corporate land (you just don’t know it yet).
  • Why you should think of yourself as a ‘New Entrepreneur’ and not a worker-bee.
  • Why the marketplace is already turning corporations into extinct dinosaurs…
  • The crucial new mindset you will need to survive in a changing world.
  • How to find the ‘real motivators’ in your life that will ensure you will pull yourself free.
  • How to use ‘big picture’ thinking to create your world of opportunities.
  • How to build a structured ‘escape plan’ that’s right for you.
  • What factors determine the best moment to make your ‘corporate escape’

So, What is Next?

Make sure you book your place in the webinar How to Escape The Corporate Rat Race & Work Out What is Next by choosing a date and registering here, now.

Remember this is a FREE webinar, so it won’t cost you a penny to attend, but it could transform your life.

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