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Blog entries that contain material that relates to professional losing their jobs, being made redundant or generally let go. Those who find themselves out of work, unemployed and are looking for an alternative strategy to deal with their situation. Professionals looking to become A New Entrepreneur.

traditional outplacement

Workers going Spare: Why traditional outplacement services leave employees out in the cold

Why traditional outplacement services leave employees out in the cold When companies know they’re going to have to make wide-scale redundancies, one of the carrots they dangle is the opportunity for staff to take advantage of various outplacement services they make available. These offer the prospect of a seamless transition from the job just lost […]

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Outplacement Layoffs Redundancy

Layoffs and Redundancies Why Outplacement Services Is About More Then Just Doing The Right Thing

Layoffs and Redundancies, 5 Reasons Why Outplacement Services Is More Then Just Doing The Right Thing Being responsible for managing layoffs having to reduce in your company’s workforce with redundancies is never easy. Not only is there the human aspect of having to support people at an uncertain and difficult time, but also the practical […]

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Social Media Strategy

10 Reasons Why A Social Media Strategy Is The New CV

Your Social Media Strategy is your new CV When we’re all so committed to being online, it seems surprising that many traditional outplacement consultancies, and those giving careers advice still haven’t incorporated developing a social media strategy into the services they offer. Increasingly, having an online presence is not a nicety but a necessity, and […]

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The Writing on the Wall Just Keeps Getting BIGGER

From Technology to Heinz Baked Beans the Message is Clear Things seem to be improving in the economy – sighs of relief all round. But is it going to be a case of business as usual, or has the recent downturn really shaken things up in UK plc? While many parts of the economy do […]

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Recovery Redundancy

Recovery From Redundancy- The 8 Step Summer Holiday Plan

Recovery From Redundancy – The 8 Step Summer Holiday Plan The past year hasn’t been great for many in the corporate sector, and although the economy is slowly improving, there are those who are still ‘taking the hit’ of redundancy with more to come. If that’s happened to you and you’re now between jobs, or […]

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Recruitment Agencies and the Commodity Candidate

Are Recruitment Agencies Treating Candidates Just like a Commodity?

‘I am not a number.’ Are recruitment candidates more than just a commodity? It’s always interesting to see the latest trends in the industry. So a recent visit to a recruitment event in London gave me the opportunity to see how recruitment agencies, companies and organisations are going about the task of finding new employees […]

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Outplacement: Get a real return on your investment by choosing the service that’s right for you

Outplacement : choosing the service that’s right for you If you haven’t been offered outplacement services as part of a redundancy package, it can be easy to dismiss them as something you didn’t need anyway and an expensive luxury you can’t afford at a time when the future is uncertain. You may want to think […]

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Time for Change: 6 Steps to Plan Your Corporate Escape. If you’re in a corporate job the odds are that soon you won’t be doing what you’re doing now.

Time for Change: 6 Steps to Plan Your Corporate Escape

In 1,826 days, while you may not be any wiser, you will certainly be five years older and your life may well have changed considerably in many ways, both through intention and chance. And if you’re in a corporate job, the odds are growing that in just one tenth of that time – 182 days, […]

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Overcome Redundancy Overwhelm can become an unnerving process. Here there 9 tips to keep you focus and help you move forward.

Overcome Redundancy Overwhelm. 9 Tips to Keep You Focused

While redundancy, particularly when it’s sudden, can fill you with dread, being released from the straitjacket of corporate life can also be tremendously liberating. Here there are 9 tips to keep you focused, looking at overcome redundancy overwhelm. Of course, you might not see that at first, only a nightmare scenario that paralyses you with […]

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Is the UK Sitting on a Redundancy Time Bomb

Is the UK Sitting on a Redundancy Time Bomb?

The Economist Newspaper says that GDP and employment numbers don’t stack up! Is the UK sitting on a redundancy time bomb? and if so what can people do about it? On 26th January 2013 the Economist ran an article highlighting the fact that the UK’s GDP and employment numbers were on a trend at odds […]

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