The Story of Jenny – Exploiting a talent

The Story of Jenny – Exploiting a talent

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Jenny had never thought of making a career in the art world until she lost her job as Head of Corporate Communications for a government agency. While closure of the organisation was a shock, the process was drawn-out so at least she had the opportunity to plan. And as she thought through what she could do, she began to focus more and more on finding ways to do pursue the one thing she loved, her life long passion for art.

Having submitted work to various exhibitions in the UK and Europe over the previous ten years with reasonable success, Jenny thought she might be in with a chance of turning art into a career by producing paintings for exclusive private clients.

It was a big and bold step for her to take, but it looks like it’s succeeding as now, after a solid start she’s finding her feet and growing an international clientele. Interestingly, Jenny is now using not just her creative skills in a more rewarding way, but by combining them with her background in corporate marketing and communication she is winning more and more substantial consultancy contracts.

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