Bringing Your Vision to Life

Bringing Your Vision to Life

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Bringing Your Vision to Life

Bringing Your Vision to Life

When you have no clear picture of your goals in life, the future can appear as a mirage, constantly moving and shifting shape. Without knowing where you’re heading, it is easy to end up side-tracked and distracted because, as you know, mirages can never be reached, whether in life generally, or in your career or business.

So having a well-thought-out vision for the future is essential, as knowing what you’re aiming for makes your options clearer and life less bewildering.

Some people have no vision for the future of their business, career or relationships because they believe that somehow life will just take care of itself. They’re right of course. It will.

Though not necessarily in the way that they want. Others are so busy with more urgent day to day priorities to find the time to really think about what they actually want.

However, unless you motivate yourself to do something to break the ‘same old, same old’ pattern, instead of focusing on what can make a difference in your life, career or business, you get sucked into doing ‘everyday work’ that doesn’t move you forward, and you end up wherever you end up, not through choice but by default.

On the other hand, with a clear vision for your future, it’s easier to stay focused and make progress, and this is what you can do to create yours.

1. Define your destination.

Where are you going? This is crucial, so take time to work it out. Only when you know that, can you plot the best route for getting there. As the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” If you can’t do this in your normal environment, then ‘escape’ for a day or two, to explore your ideas without being distracted by everyday activities.

2. Dream big.

Why ‘dream’ small? You can achieve far more than you think, so don’t constrain your own vision. Be inspired by others who, from small, seemingly unpromising beginnings, have grown fantastic businesses, or built incredible life-changing careers. They have only been able to do this because they had a vision for themselves or their business, which they have relentlessly pursued. Stay focused on your vision and move towards it one step at the time.

3. Get excited.

Your vision must excite you. If doesn’t, you may as well not bother, because it’s your vision that will keep you motivated when times feel challenging. Playing safe and just tweaking what you do now isn’t good enough. With your business, for instance, think about the possibility of doubling its size over the next 18 months. Or whether you could become the market leader in your field. Or if you began to sell entirely new products and services. Be willing to think the unthinkable.

4. Design your ideal lifestyle.

Imagine reinventing your business or career so that it gave you a great lifestyle, working where and how you want. You now live in a world in which is possible to do business in a way that works for you, unrestricted by location, so why not take advantage of that? That’s what digital nomads do, uprooting themselves and their families, and heading off to the sun, remaining connected to their customers or clients by internet.

6. You can make a difference.

The vision you have for your career or business is something uniquely personal to you, so why not create something that captures your values and ethics? Visions aren’t just built on energy and enthusiasm, they need a strong foundation by having something of value at their core. If you believe that what you do makes a difference in some way, you will be better able to cope with any set-backs that come along.

7. Make it real.

Work at creating a really clear and vivid picture of how your life or your business will be, how you will feel when you get up in the morning, how it will work for you and the benefits you will get from your success, then write everything down, adding in as much detail as possible – glue in photos, draw sketches, work out timelines, do the calculations, anything to make it as real as possible in whatever way works best for you – otherwise all you’ll have is a collection of vague thoughts swirling around in your head.

8. Refine it.

Events and circumstances are bound to influence your thinking over time, so be prepared to be flexible and tweak, change and refine your vision, so that it stays relevant, achievable and exciting. By having a written vision, or a vision ‘mood board’, looking at it and re-reading it frequently will keep you motivated and on track, and heading in the right direction.

9. Leverage your resources with extra help.

You can certainly create a vision for your life, your career or your business by yourself. However, sharing your thoughts with others can be a great way to clarify your objectives and help map out a path towards achieving them sooner. Make the decision to seek out specialist support from a life or business coach who has a proven methodology and can make your journey easier, more rewarding and also more successful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What do you need to focus on to bring your vision to life?

Add your voice to the discussion and comment below.

To Your Success & Fulfillment,


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One Response to “Bringing Your Vision to Life”

  1. Nasir says:

    Dear Maite,
    I like the way you described the whole process towards success. Hope you keep up with good work. Best of luck.
    With Respect and Regards

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