Keith Grafton

Keith Grafton

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I’m known for being direct, straight to the point, finding solutions to problems and creating systems that make complex concepts real. I love lateral thinking and creative problem solving. Seeing the big picture and breaking it in small chunks of information in a way that is easy for people to follow. I’m good at creating metaphors and stories to make difficult concepts accessible. And I make technology accessible for clients who find technology challenging.

What Are My Specialties?

Technology & Marketing, Video production, Photography, Internet Digital Marketing, Web Site Production, Coaching and Consulting.

I use these media to challenge and confront traditional ways of thinking, shift mindsets and expand perspectives.

To help professionals see different sides of the same coin, to move their thinking forward and to propel them into take action.

I use video to promote our programmes, services, philosophy and products and to deliver the virtual site of our programmes. Also to help our clients embrace technology in a way that is rewarding and effective to improve their lives and help them grow their business.

My story

I grew up in southern England, left school at 16, the product of a somewhat dysfunctional education – possibly dyslexic, but with a talent for numbers.

After an electronics apprenticeship, I began developing industrial software for the defence industry before becoming an unemployment statistic in the late 1980s when East and West became friends, the Iron Curtain fell and the Berlin Wall came down.

A swift sidestep saw me working as a freelance software developer first with IBM and then in the mid-‘90s, in London’s financial sector as a systems architect for Credit Suisse, J.P Morgan and others.

When the Dot-com bubble burst and then 9/11 followed, so did another spell of unemployment, after which it was back into finance. But, by 2008, I’d had enough of the corporate world and I wanted to escape and I did.

I started Coaching with Maite to work out what I wanted to do next. Through an structured approach, I discover what I was really passionate about, how could I make it happen and what I needed to do and put in place before the escape.

The 6 months before the escape where critical, mainly getting ready emotionally for this big transition, dealing with any fears, doubts and developing new skills to leverage my existing ones differently. Maite was supportive but didn’t hesitate to give me a kick when needed.

The time came when I knew I was ready to jump. I escape first starting a photographic business. Seeing what NLP Coaching was able to do for me I joined Maite Barón ‘The Corporate Escape Coach™’ to explore the world of Internet marketing, coaching and helping professionals make significant changes in their lives.

Today, apart from running my own business I’m the Technological Director at The Corporate Escape™. I find rewarding to put my skills into a great cause: helping professionals achieve fulfilment and success on their terms.

Personal Stuff

I may not be a sun worshiper, but I love being on a beach because it’s always in a continual state of flux, a place of freshness where land, sea and air interact.

In complete contrast, but for same reason, I love the city where there’s also ebb and flow with the continual movement of people and always that urban buzz. And I use my interest in photography as means to capture how light creates and changes the mood of both the beach’s natural beauty and the architecture and industrial settings of the city. Travelling’s also a passion, since meeting people from different cultures and discovering how they live and do things, I find endlessly stimulating.

My Qualifications

  • 4 Year Apprenticeship in Electronics
  • BA Maths and Chemistry
  • LCC Photography Certification
  • Marketing Coach Certification
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