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About The Corporate Escape™

About Us

The Corporate Escape™ transforms the lives of executives and professionals, who feel disillusioned, frustrated or trapped in jobs they no longer enjoy, by developing them into ‘in demand’ entrepreneurial leaders, equipped to succeed in today’s highly competitive working market, and preparing them to succeed on their own as self-employed freelancers, contractors and independent business owners in their own right.

We believe that today you need to develop your skills and increase your choices to being control of your career and your professional life. Led by internationally recognised business and executive coach, Maite Barón, we offer a unique and distinctive blend of coaching, training, mentoring and consulting programmesdrawing upon many years’ experience providing these services as well as leadership development to professionals, executives and managers, and private clients.

The Corporate Escape™: Our Vision

To bring Passion and Purpose back to your work by ‘igniting your spirit of enterprise’.

The Corporate Escape™: Our Mission

To liberate the corporate soul by helping experienced executives and professionals bring more meaning and purpose into their professional lives, while reducing their stress and increasing their overall wellbeing. We provide you with clarity, purpose and direction and we help you create a road map towards your next move.

The Corporate Escape™: Our Values

  • We value integrity – because only by respecting you and supporting your needs we will bring out the best in each other.
  • We value professionalism and excellence – because when you commit to quality in all that you do, you achieve outstanding results.
  • We value success – because when you produce something of worth, this should be acknowledged and celebrated.
  • We value the empowerment we bring to others – because by nurturing your the talents and leadership potential, we are all enriched.
  • We value sustainability and ‘ecological relationships’ – because what each of us does has an impact, both good and bad, on another, something that should be recognised in all our dealings.
  • We value commitment and on-going learning – because it is only through the continuing pursuit of knowledge that we grow as individuals and society.
  • We value innovation and creativity – because only by thinking differently, and using new technology to advantage, can you be at the leading edge – pioneer in the changing world of work.
  • We value curiosity and diversity – because only by acknowledging and respecting our differences, can we create connection and unity.

At The Corporate Escape™ we believe…

  • That professional life should be a rewarding and fulfilling experience where talent is set free.
  • That our professional life shouldn’t be a ‘tick box exercise’, but something that combines personal fulfilment with prosperity in a way that works for each of us. There should no longer be a need for anyone to sell their soul for money.
  • In the importance of turning negative events into positive experiences that create action and develop character, emotional resilience and readiness for change.
  • In not repeating the past, but purposefully creating the future – the only mindset that develops true entrepreneurial leaders.
  • That by using technology to transcend geographical barriers and budgetary constraints, we can create great opportunities.
  • That we all actively participate in our interconnected global world by embracing technology in every area of our lives, independently of gender, age or location.
  • In developing transferable entrepreneurial skills that can be used whether working within a corporate organisation or setting up in business.
  • That when you don’t know what lies ahead, being better prepared for more eventualities creates freedom and resilience.
  • That there is an urgent need to develop emotional, cultural and social intelligence to leverage the opportunities created by social media.
  • In constant improvement and development, which is why we continue to measure the success of our programmes long after their completion.

What Others Have Said About Us

I consider myself a seasoned professional, skilled and competent in many areas, but when it came to public speaking I used to feel very uncomfortable, and did my best to avoid it.

For my own development I knew it was important to overcome this challenge, so I decided to get professional help. A friend recommended Maite, who turned out to be the perfect coach. She is professional and non- judgemental, and she made me feel at ease straight away.

She created a specific coaching plan for me, with clear objectives and measurable steps, and we worked intensively together over five sessions. As a result, I have become a better public speaker and a much better communicator generally. As I started to believe more and more in the value I was delivering, my overall confidence increased too. It was an exciting journey of self-discovery, and I feel much happier in my own skin.

Colleagues started noticing the difference in me after just one coaching session with Maite. I’m sure that being more confident made others see me in a more positive light, which improved my relationships with them and probably also helped me get a pay rise.

Today I feel better equipped than ever to deal not just with the day-to-day challenges, but with whatever comes my way. I’ve learned new tools and strategies that I can use at any time, for the rest of my life, and discovered how to master my thinking so that I look at the world and those around me from a new, more positive perspective. I’d recommend any ambitious professional who wants to raise their game to work with Maite. I know they will be glad they did.

Jamie Holmes

Your warmth, enthusiasm, belief in me and incredible breadth and depth of understanding made our coaching sessions an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding experience. I will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is serious about achieving their true potential.

R. Don, Banking Industry, London

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Maite Baron

Maite Baron

I’m known for helping people achieve clarity, purpose and direction, then motivate them to take action. I’m a good judge of character, with strong intuition and a gut instinct for getting to the heart of things quickly.

I’m non-conformist, so don’t expect me to toe the line. I’ll challenge beliefs and the status quo. I’m a lateral thinker who climbs out of the box.

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Keith Grafton

Keith Grafton

I’m known for being direct, straight to the point, finding solutions to problems and creating systems that make complex concepts real. I love lateral thinking and creative problem solving. Seeing the big picture and breaking it in small chunks of information in a way that is easy for people to follow. I’m good at creating metaphors and stories to make difficult concepts accessible.

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